Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7 Questions from the Digi-Day Webinar

The webinar we hosted on July 6, 2011, focusing on a Digi-Day® solution for any budget garnered several good questions. You can read the answers below, listen on iTunes or go to

Q: Do you have these in 220 volt for cruise lines? 2:16:42 PM from John
A: At this time we do not currently offer 220-volt version signs. Also, we do not recommend hard-wiring the units.

Q: Is there a solar panel option? 2:20:01 PM from Julia
A: For our electronic scoreboards, the short answer is yes, there is. The long answer however, is that the panels are very large, the batteries are large and the cost is typically large. The solar-powered unit requires a custom quote depending on the number and type of components. New LED technology allows for minimal electrical power draw, but again, if no electrical source is available, we can quote a solar-powered unit for you.

Q: On the outdoor Digi-Day® Plus signs, how well do they hold up to UV light? Does the sign have a life-expectancy? 2:21:39 PM from Larry
A: Our aluminum is guaranteed for 5 years. And the digital display is under warranty for 1 year (we do have an extended warranty available). The digital unit also has UV protection.

Q: Since it is 120V it must be CSA approved. Have you shipped to Canada yet? 2:22:27 PM from Raymond
A: Yes, my preliminary estimates show 91 Digi-Days® have been shipped to Canada since 2010.

Q: Is there literature available? I have some companies who may be interested in this product. 2:25:43 PM from Tony
A: Yes, we have several pages in our BEC-11 catalog: pages 16-17 and pages 820-833. We also have a mini webisode. We also have another web page devoted completely to the Digi-Day series.

Q: How do the boards get serviced if needed? 2:25:54 PM from Dolly
A: There is a one-year warranty on the board. If it’s a single digital unit and they have the ability to replace it in the field, we would send them a new unit and let them install. If the unit does not need to be replaced but just fixed or if there are several units on one board, we would usually issue an RMA and bring back here to work on it. If it’s outside of one year we would usually offer to sell them a new board at a special price.

Q: What's the typical lead time on these signs? from Susanne
A: Usually 3-4 days following art approval. Stock signs ship out the same day in most cases. Then depending on the complexity of electronic components and the level of customization, it could take up to a week in some cases.

Thanks for all of your questions. We hope you enjoyes the Digi-Day® webinar and hope you'll join us next month for 5S and Food Safety (formelry known as PPE-ID Charts).

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